Take great photos of your children and never forget those special moments

With the wide use of digital cameras, camera phones and literally millions of photos being posted on social networks every day, we are capturing more moments than ever before. But does that make them less special?

Going back 15 years, cameras, film and the process of developing photos was expensive and every photo taken had to count. These days, a camera can hold hundreds, if not thousands of photos. Photos can be viewed, shared and deleted if they don’t looks so good. Only the very best are ever printed.

The reality is that photographs are now taken for granted. They’re no longer special because there are so many moments being captured and stored. How often do you really look back at the photos on your computer? When your children grow up will you know where their baby photos are even stored?

If you take a look at some professional baby photos and compare them to your own images the chances are that the photographic quality of your photos will simply not compete. Without a need or desire to take high quality photos, you may be losing the special moments that you and your children may have otherwise later cherished.

Don’t worry, all is not lost. Taking great photos is easy; it just requires you to put some thought into what you’re shooting. If it’s your child’s birthday party you should of course take loads of snaps for Facebook, but also think about taking some high quality photos that really capture the moment. Take photos that can be saved in albums and not forgotten about.

In a recent interview with Image Source, professional photographer Alys Tomlinson offered some advice on shooting education photography. Many of the principles are the same for capturing those special moments with your children. It’s about keeping calm, letting what happens happen and putting some thought to the lighting and location. Rather than the forced cheesy poses, capture the real nature of your children by helping them relax around a camera.

With more people taking more photos than ever before, we mustn’t lose those special moments amongst the masses. By ensuring that special occasions are given appropriate care and attention, we can ensure that our children have special moments saved forever.