SwimSeal lets every child learn to swim

Most parents view swimming as an important life skill, but many children have ear problems that are caused by the water that make them wary of swimming for the rest of their lives. SwimSeal is a new product that is designed to help prevent ear problems from keeping children from having a great time splashing in the water.

All it takes is a few drops of SwimSeal in each ear to help create a barrier in the ear so that water does not enter the ear canal and cause infections.

Often referred to as Swimmer’s ear, the condition is an itchy, painful, outer-ear infection that can occur when bacteria in swimming water get through breaks in the skin.

SwimSeal has been developed by leading ENT surgeons to prevent painful ears caused by exposure to water.  It is suitable for all ages and retails at £7.99 from www.swimseal.com and independent pharmacies.  Each plastic bottle contains approximately 100 applications.

SwimSeal contains no alcohol and is made up of a unique formulation that includes tea tree oil.  It leaves the ear naturally and should be reapplied every couple of hours.