Swimming is ideal for children

Too many children today are not taking enough exercise, and spending hours in their rooms playing on computer games has led to an epidemic of obesity among kids in theUK. It is important that parents don’t just tell children to get some exercise or take part in sports, but do their bit to encourage them too. Swimming is an ideal activity for families as everyone can join in and it is something that children will learn to enjoy once they get more confident around the water.

Of course, it is also important that young ones are very carefully supervised around swimming pools, which is another reason why it is a good idea for parents to join in too and not just leave them to it. If kids behave themselves then there is no reason to think that swimming pools can be dangerous, but as all parents know, children cannot always be trusted to do what they are told.

Parents not only have a responsibility to watch their children around the swimming pool but to teach them the right way to behave around any water. Many swimming pools have posters forbidding people from diving in the shallow end, running around the edge of the pool and other activities which could easily end in disaster; parents should highlight these unacceptable behaviours to their own children to make sure that they and others are kept safe.

Siblings will often fight with each other. On dry land, this is an annoyance but near a swimming pool this could end up being dangerous. Pushing and fighting could see a child who cannot swim fall into the deep end or hit their head as they tumble; make sure your children understand exactly why that kind of behaviour will not be tolerated when you go to your local pool.

Teaching a child to swim is one of the most important skills you can give to your kids, but even when young ones have moved beyond needing armbands they will still need close supervision until they are confident swimmers. It can be difficult to keep a close eye on your youngest while your older children are clamouring for your attention to, but make sure you do not take your eyes off them for a second.

There are practical things to teach your children about safety in swimming pools too. As well as basics like not running around the edge, make sure that they always shower before going into the water and keep an eye for little fingers and toes wandering into the drains at the edge. Kids are always attracted by intriguing holes, but they can easily get trapped or hurt if they play with these drains.

Swimming should always be fun otherwise children will soon get tired of going and go back to playing their computer games. However, your family’s safety is much more important than doing what the kid want so that they have a good time.If your children really enjoy their swimming sessions but you are having trouble keeping them under control, you could always try threatening to stop their pool visits to see if that makes them behave.