Survival guide to starting school

Starting school for the first time is often scarier for the parents than the children. Parents stress about finding the right school, speaking to the teachers, worrying about their clingy child, worrying if they will make friends etc etc. Author Sarah Ebner has been researching this subject and has put together a book to help parents get through the process of their child starting school.

The Starting School Survival Guide answers dozens of questions from ‘what is my child learning?’ to ‘how do I deal with Head lice?’ The aim of the book is to guide both parents and children through the maze of emotions and practicalities that is primary school education. Sarah says that while researching, she found that the same questions were being asked time and time again, so it made sense to produce a book with the answers.

Some of the issues covered in the book –

How to find/choose a school in the first place: the kinds of school available; finding your way around league tables and OFSTED reports; how to apply and what if you don’t get in!

Preparing your child before the first day: seven sensible and practical suggestions to make the transition from nursery to school a little easier

Seven sensible ways to help the learning process

Leaving your child on the first day and what to do if your child finds it difficult to leave you
Food at school – pros and cons of school dinners; the school ‘lunch box police’; allergies; after-school snacks
Time off school:  real or pretend illnesses; being sent home from school; holidaying in term-time
Coping with your child’s shyness; being bullied or if your child is the bully
Special needs; behavioural issues
Coping as a parent when your child leaves you alone at home!
The next step – homework; tutoring; sport; preparing for secondary school

The Starting School Survival Guide is packed with small, bite-sized tips and advice boxes, and is crammed with real-life experiences from mums & dads, parenting experts, psychologists, teachers, headteachers and Governors.  This is no hectoring lesson, rather, an easy-to-read help guide that aims to answer all those questions that sometimes you were afraid to ask – for fear of seeming foolish or ignorant.

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