Students and storage

When it comes to students, storage options can be more important than you realise. The average student can often have a lot of stuff, and it would be wrong to assume they can carry it around all day. Yet, at the same time, they need somewhere that they can access their equipment easily which they are sure is safe.

Many schools use such storage as a privilege, something that can be earned or kept through good behaviour. It can form part of your school’s Prefect Equipment, for instance, ensuring that the prefects have somewhere to keep their stuff whilst they are on duty.

What to look for

However, the right locker has various factors that you need to look out for. First of all, it needs to have enough space to store the average student’s possessions, such as bags and folders. Secondly, it also needs to be accessible. More than just a lock and key, this means making sure it’s accessible by various students. Due to limitations and the physical dimensions of any building, single-lockers are unreasonable. In the case of a school, you’re likely to be dealing with blocks of lockers. All of these need to be accessible by various students and designed with this in mind.

As a further result of this, they also need to be sturdy and built of metal, wood or other similar products. Most items in schools receive a general amount of wear and tear, and large locker units will be no exception.

As for security, it helps to have a working lock system. This system needs to ensure every key is unique, so student possessions are truly safe. A skeleton key and/or copies of these keys are always useful, too, as it’s not unheard of for students to forget or lose their own keys. As such, a back-up plan is highly recommended and something lockers often take into design as standard.

Packing sensibly

Of course, it also helps if students are encouraged to not bring everything they can think of. Teaching students to pack lightly, taking only what they need, is essential. This makes it easier to keep track of everything.

In addition to this, packing lightly ensures that more storage options will be useful. The more you bring, on the other hand, the more likely the space will be quickly used up. Student and classroom lockers are often designed to accommodate a bag and additional books and folders, but excessive amounts will strain any storage option. If students complain about their lockers, enquiring about their use may reveal such behaviour.

In summary, these are a few factors you need to look into when it comes to locker storage, and giving your students the option to store things safely and securely.