Spooky Halloween Cocktails with Vimto Limited Edition Halloween Bottles

A fiendishly good limited edition of the nation’s favourite fruity drink is set to hit the supermarket shelves this Halloween, as Vimto launches a range of specially designed bottles, perfect for themed parties and other Halloween fun.

The spooky limited edition haunted house designs are available across all 2L bottles of Fizzy Vimto, No Added Sugar and Cherry Vimto. These party sized bottles are great for sharing, so Vimto has designed a special range of creepy cocktail recipes that will add some seriously mixed up fun to your fancy dress frolics.

Here’s our yummy Halloween themed Vimto thirst quenchers to keep your little ghouls, goblins and guests entertained!

The limited edition Halloween bottles are available in all major supermarkets from early October, so start practising your creepy Vimto Halloween cocktails.

Vimto’s Creepy Cocktail Recipes


Eyeball Surprise

A supernaturally simple concoction that every stylish spectre will be drinking this Halloween.

Use an ice cream scoop to make two ‘eyeballs’ of ice cream and press jelly sweets into each one to create the pupils.  Place them in the bottom of a tall chilled goblet and recite a witches incantation. Fill the glass two thirds full of devilishly delicious fizzy Vimto and watch the fiendish foam froth over the top of the glass.

No Added Sugar Vimto

Spooky Strawberry Heart

This is a great drink to serve to a scare to your guests. Swirl some No Added Sugar Vimto in with some cranberry juice and pour into individual glasses. Keep up the fear factor with a ‘Bleeding Heart’ made out of a bbq stick speared strawberry. Simply dunk the ‘heart’ into the glass and serve chilled.

Cherry Vimto/ NAS Cherry Vimto

Blood Curdling Brew

The perfect cauldron concoction for witches and wizards everywhere!

Put the flesh of one chopped melon along with 10 crushed red seedless grapes into your cauldron (or glass if cauldron not available) and blend until they form a ghoulishly bloody pulp! Strain into a glass and top up with fiendishly fruity fizzy Cherry Vimto to create your brew.

Witches tip – Half-fill an ice cube tray with water, add a halved grape to each section and press a raisin into the centre and then freeze to create eyeball ice cubes!

Spooky Ideas for some frightful Halloween fun with Vimto!

Halloween is a boo-tiful excuse to have a spooky party your kids will love, and you don’t need to live in Transylvania to pull it off! All you need is some imagination and you can host a great party without blowing the bank. At Vimto we love a scary party and have concocted some tips and recipes to that your little ghouls or goblins will never forget!

Make Some Invitations

Making these at home is a fun activity you can do with your kids and helps save pennies for food games. Print off pictures of bats, ghosts and pumpkins and trace the silhouettes onto coloured paper. You can decorate these with glitter or paint them in spooky colours.

Get your party invitations out 1-2 weeks before the party. To avoid any confusion, clearly state instructions about themes, costumes, and when the party ends.

Get Decorating!

Follow these simple decorating tips and get the best haunted house on the block.

Decorate the main party room with artificial spider webs, or let the real ones build up all year long.

Replace your normal light bulbs with colored ones. You can usually find orange bulbs in the home centres but you’ll almost surely find them in the party stores as Halloween approaches.

Drape the traditional black and orange crêpe paper from the ceilings and door frames and hang up some fake spiders and bats for added effect.

Cover the tables with black shower curtains or pick up some Halloween tablecloths while you’re out getting the light bulbs. Don’t forget to sprinkle the tables with Halloween party confetti.

Carve a big jack-o-lantern as a centerpiece. Black flowers (real or artificial) look great in black cat vases. (Make sure that every jack-o-lantern is carved with adult supervision!!).

Halloween Party Games

Who forgets bobbing for apples or eating doughnuts off a string? These classic Halloween games are great fun for kids and adults can get in touch with their childhood and get involved too.

Bobbing for apples

One of the most iconic Halloween games, this one is also really easy to do. Just get a basin and fill it with water, if you’re a Vimto fan then you can also mix in a bit of cordial to make it taste yummy (just make sure that everyone knows to keep their eyes closed while bobbing), throw in some apples and get two players in a competition to get the most apples. For a scary twist add some plastic spiders, eyeballs and fingers!

Doughnuts on a String

Tie a length of rope between two trees. With kids standing under the rope, tie pieces of ribbon to the doughnuts (one per player) and then to the rope so the treats hang slightly above mouth level. Have players start on the count of three. Instruct each to eat an entire doughnut — no hands allowed — without letting it fall off the ribbon. The first to finish wins.

Pin the face on the Pumpkin

Any child who has played Pin the Tail on the Donkey will pick up this game quickly. Cut out eyes, noses, and mouths from black construction paper. Stick a reusable adhesive, such as Blu Tack, on the back of each cut out, and give a set of cut outs to each player. Place a large pumpkin on a low table or a bench. With blindfolded players starting four feet away (little kids may stand closer), instruct them to walk toward the pumpkin and create a jack-o’-lantern face (without peeking). After each turn, take a picture of the player with the finished pumpkin.

A Mummy’s version of Pass the Parcel

Before the party, tape a small, lightweight prize to the end of a roll of toilet tissue. Wrap up the prize in the toilet tissue and continue taping prizes and wrapping them until the roll is completely wrapped. Ask players to sit in a circle. Each person gets to wrap the end of the toilet tissue around a body part (an arm, forehead, waist, ankle and so on) until she finds a prize. She then tears the paper and passes the roll to the next player. Play continues until all the prizes have been unrolled.