Sponsored Video: Christmas Partying with Waitrose

Christmas magic from Heston and Waitrose
Christmas is just around the corner and as well as decorations and presents two things that are being planned ever so carefully are parties and the food to be served there. There is a great partnership that has established itself over the years to reach the pinnacle where it now stands, and that is Christmas party food and Waitrose. Top quality food at affordable prices, what more could you want?

There is an extra special range on the shelves this year, created by none other than chef extraordinaire Heston Blumenthal. Renowned for his Michelin starred restaurant The Fat Duck and his numerous TV shows where he demonstrates his skill at combining food and science, having a party buffet created by Mr Blumenthal is something very special and guarantees cleared plates.

There is a wonderful video to highlight this partnership which will get you really in the festive spirit, not to mention have your mouth watering. We see a very busy get together when suddenly Heston appears working his way through the crowd to where the food is laid out. He lays on the table the most delicious looking dessert you are ever likely to see then plays waiter and starts distributing his wonderful food items amongst the guess.

The Heston Blumenthal range at Waitrose is certainly impressive; and he proves the old adage that good stuff comes in little packages. Mini corn muffins with chilli con carne, mini fish pies and mini pots of prawn cocktail mousse; wow.

His piece de resistance, which we see him place on the table in the video, is his strawberry and lychee layered gateau. This frozen dessert is a real showpiece, and if you want to really get your party started this Christmas, make sure your food has that Michelin magic and head off to Waitrose for the Heston range, your guests and your taste buds will thank you for it.

A post sponsored by Waitrose