Speekee Spanish learning programme gets the young speaking Spanish

Despite Kirsty Young’s recent statements in the press about pushy parents sending their tiny tots to Mandarin and violin lessons being wrong, exposing your child to a foreign language from a young age DOES make it far easier for them to learn new languages in later life.

And being bi-lingual or multi-lingual is hugely beneficial. Speekee is a Spanish language programme that children as young as 2 can watch without the pressure of going to lessons – and thanks to its ‘total immersion’ approach, children quickly pick up the language without realising it.

We know of a 4 year old boy who has watched it a handful of times (apparently he asks to watch, rather than being prompted to watch) and he can now count to ten in Spanish, say ‘hello’, ‘how are you’ and ‘my name is’. He also knows a few of other words and he can sing along to all the songs. We are also told that his mother has also learnt a lot of Spanish by listening along with him, which helps with her New Year resolution to learn a new language!

This is a fab tool for families – especially those considering a sunny Spanish holiday this year after the freezing winter. It’s brilliant for home educators too.