South Africa offers British kids the chance to win £2,000

The fruit industry in South Africa is requesting junior schools from all over the UK to join in on a national competition with the grand prize of £2,000.

The competition, Help a South African School, is inviting children ages 5 and 6 to create a beautiful collage that is related to one of the topics of the culture in South Africa. The school that wins will be receiving £2,000 to be used towards equipment and resources. The first runner up will receive £1,000, and the second will receive £500.

The competition has been created by the fruit industry in South Africa, and their aim is to educate the children in the UK about South African culture, while helping the less privileged youngsters who are currently living in the country.

To enter, schools must first register to receive an entry pack at The closing date to register is Friday 1st March.

As well as producing a collage, the schools that enter are being encouraged to donate their unwanted text books to farm schools. Illiteracy is a big problem in South Africa and their schools are in desperate need of resources, particularly reading and text book – only 20% of South African schools have libraries.

For more information about the competition, please visit