Social energy with E.ON

E.ON have long been one of the most forward thinking energy companies in the UK, and their latest project further emphasises their dedication to energy for the future, and the future of energy use habits. E.ON Innovation is a crowd sourcing campaign to find the next generation of energy services and products. This is an online community open to the public and the 5 featured challenges will coincide with episode of the partially E.ON funded TV show on Channel 4 ‘Home of the Future’.

The aim of the project is to get the great British public to put their collective brains together and come up with what is hoped will be the next big thing energy wise. It is open to those aged 18 and over living in the UK, excluding the Channel Islands.

The 5 challenges will take place over the coming weeks and will be on the subjects of work, rest, play, wellbeing and food. The person judged to give the best submission in each category will win home energy makeover up the value of £2000, and one of the 5 lucky winners will be chosen as the silver star, and their prize value will rise to a whopping £10,000.

The food challenge looks like being particularly exciting, as it asks the provocative question “how could you save energy whilst storing, preparing and cooking food?” This is a great project that everyone could and should participate in, and watching ‘Home for the Future’ is a great source of inspiration for ideas that can help ordinary people in ordinary homes save on their energy bills. Further details can be found online at the E.ON website, and you can also follow the project on Twitter@talkingenergy with #eoninnov.

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