So what makes McDonalds?

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On June 14th McDonald’s kicked off their newcampaign with a sixty second add that helps to explain “That’s What Makes McDonald’s” to viewing audiences.The ad was the work of Leo Burnett and quickly offers an A-Z explanation of the companywith each letter offering a story of McDonald’s while onscreenfarmers, children, and parents offer visual confirmation.

Messagesincluded in the add portray McDonald’s as an active community brand that continues to work on many new environment initiatives while sustaining their own track record that has proven over and over again to care about its consumers.Of course, in the middle of McD’s positive list of qualities are also plenty of facts that show the fast food giant is able to produce quality food.

Vice President for Marketing UK, Alistair Macrow, stated that for the last three years McDonald’s has focused on showing the ingredients that make up their menu and where the ingredients come from and while they will continue to run ads to help continue this positive food quality train of thought, their new focus is on showing just how much beneficiary work McDonald’s does for the community and the world around them.He added that those who are dedicated followers of the major fast food chain are likely to learn some great new facts about the chain that gets involved.

The A-Z advert is the newest in the ‘That’s What Makes McDonald’s’ list which was crafted originally back in 2008.The ad picks up where the last food quality adds dropped off showing parents that it does offer great food options while also showing that the company understands what it means to be socially responsible on a corporate level.

The new television ads will air in different segments for sixty, twenty, and ten seconds each at different parts of the day.The campaign is slated to last on television over the next six weeks of the summer so that hopefully by the time autumn rolls around everyone will know just what makes a McDonald’s company.

Outside of television ads, the campaign will also run in press and online.