Snowcore Launches Lids on Kids Campaign Donating Kids Helmets

The UK’s leading snow sports retailer is giving customers a chance to snap up one of 100 free kids helmets as part of a major new safety campaign. Run by Snowcore, Lids on Kids is designed to help promote and increase the use of helmets by kids taking part in any high risk winter sports. According to for every 1000 people on the slopes, 32 people are treated for minor to serious injuries. Up to 20% of these injuries are to the head. Depending on the severity of the wound, victims can suffer anything from in cuts, abrasions and concussion to skull fractures, major head wounds and lasting physical disabilities.

Given their fearlessness, enthusiasm, undeveloped bodies and reduced capacity to recognise danger, children make up a significant portion of skiers sustaining head injuries. Snowcore is advocating for increased helmet awareness and hopes that its giveaway will encourage kids and adults alike to wear adequate helmets and safety equipment at all times. Over a period of five weeks Snowcore’s Lids on Kids campaign will give customers the opportunity to receive a kids helmet absolutely free . David Dalrymple, Snowcore founder said, “Keeping kids safe while skiing and snowboarding is every parents priority so we would encourage all parents to make sure their little ones wear a helmet, it won’t stop them having the time of their lives but it will help keep them safe.”

So why target kids? As well as being more vulnerable to snow sport injuries Snowcore believes that putting ‘lids on kids’ is the key to forming lifelong safety habits. If kids get used to wearing a helmet when they’re young this will automatically cement their status as an essential piece of equipment for their adult life. Snowcore knows that cost is sometimes a barrier for parents and often a sticking point when it comes to deciding whether or not to spend money on a child’s helmet. With the Snowcore giveaway, the helmets are donated for free so cost is not an issue. Another element that inspired the giveaway is the fact that many parents overlook the need for helmets as they don’t believe their kids will be skiing fast. This fails to take into consideration that low speed and stationary falls can still be extremely dangerous. While a clear-cut price can’t be put on the importance of safety, Snowcore hopes to help parents that may not be able to afford the correct equipment. The giveaway will take away the pressure of having to pay and give all parents a chance to arm their little ones with the best safety helmets on the market.

Underpinning the campaign is a feeling of a moral responsibility. As an independent retailer that has been in the business of winter sports for over 40 years, Snowcore believes that it has a duty to promote safe habits and give something back to its customers. While the company did contact larger ski and board shops about getting involved it was met with a disappointing lack of interest. This left Snowcore to provide all 100 of the helmets in a bid to go through with its original aim. To do this it secured support from national brain injury charity, Headway and financed the giveaway itself, paying for the 100 helmets independently. To register for a free kid’s helmet, customers are invited to visit the Snowcore website and enter their name, email address and reason why they want a free kids helmet. The Snowcore team then review entries and hand-pick 100 winners. This means that it’s not down to luck, it’s down to genuine need, enthusiasm and even a little eloquence. To find out more about Snowcore and to enter the Lids on Kids campaign giveaway visit