Smart tips for children’s bedrooms

BY NIKI SCHAFER, MD of Dwell-Being

Kids are mostly assigned the smaller of the rooms for sleeping. If the room is narrow, you can get the walls painted in horizontal stripes so as to create an illusion of wider room. On the other hand, you can paint vertical stripes on the walls if the ceiling of the room is low.

1. Involve your kids in the decisions about their bedrooms to ensure they love everything about their room. You should have the final say because maybe yellow and orange walls may not be exactly what you had in mind but let them get creative and also help to splash on the paint where possible!

2. Children’s bedrooms are often the smallest in the house, so savvy space saving solutions are key. Loft beds and cabin beds are a fab way to make full use of the floor space in the room, and kids love the chance to be high up!

3. Get creative. Decorate the walls with loads of frames, and fill them with pictures of your child’s favourite things. As they grow you can simply replace the pictures, making this much cheaper and easier than re-wallpapering every time their favourite TV character changes!

4. Having neutral coloured walls is great for a child’s bedroom. You can then use bright coloured wall art and accessories to decorate to their favourite theme. This can make it easier to change as your child grows up and their tastes change.

5. Kids will often be playing on the floor of their bedrooms therefore the type of flooring chosen is important. A broadloom carpet can offer great protection for their hands, feet, knees and other body parts.

6. When it comes to the choice of window treatments in a child’s bedroom opt for bright colours. This can give the room a sharper and cleaner look. Short curtains are a must as long drapes can be dangerous when children are playing.

7. Pick one item or colour to be main focus of a room and make other decorating plans around that. This could be based on the child’s favourite colour, preferred cartoon character or superhero.

8. When it comes to storing their toys, a box with wheels is a great idea. This can make it much easier to tidy up the toys scattered around the room and can be repositioned easily to ensure the room doesn’t feel cluttered.

9. Children love to have fun in their room and nothing says fun like an in-room getaway. If you have space, consider a small tepee tent to provide ample space for them to sneak away into a private hideout.