Sleepytot Baby Comforter

Sleepytot, the innovative baby comforter launched in September 2008 and after only a couple of weeks trading was awarded a prestigious Gold Award at the 2008 Practical Pre School Awards. At its debut trade show in October Sleepytot was Highly Commended in the Best Debut product category from the BPA (Baby Products Association) trade body.

Reviews on parenting websites, the mother and baby product blogs and well known organisations such as London Mums just keep getting better, with mums saying their babies and toddlers have finally learned to sleep through the night with the Sleepytot Baby Comforter!

In November 2008, the renowned Millpond International Sleep Clinic ( endorsed Sleepytot, recommending its use to their clients. Millpond is one of the UK’s leading authorities on infant sleep problems. Sleep Experts to the Supernanny and Best Bear websites, as well as authors of “Teach Your Child to Sleep”, Millpond was recently featured on the BBC’s ‘How to Sleep Better’ with Professor Robert Winston. They also work as consultants for the NHS.

The Sleepytot baby comforter is a calming, invaluable aid to help settle babies. Soft and cuddly, it has an innovative but simple functionality – Velcro tabs on the paws to enable parents to secure any extras that may be needed through the early years.

From birth, Sleepytot is the perfect cuddly pal that can be snuggled up to when feeding and as baby gets older, pop a soother, teether or small blankie onto one of the paws so that baby can explore the textures.

For parents who are getting up during the night to find that lost soother – this is the perfect solution. When baby grows and soothers or teethers are no longer needed – baby is left with a snugly bunny to love forever.