Simpsons Popcorn and Nut Ranges – Jam Donut Popcorn Anyone?

Midlands specialist snack manufacturer, Savoury & Sweet, has announced the launch of The Simpson’s branded popcor. Savoury & Sweet has already launched the premium range of branded popcorn Lord Poppington’s as well as a range of products with Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants where they ventured into nuts and dried fruit as well as popcorn.

The Simpson’s branded products will include a range of exciting popcorn flavours, a multipack and also a flavoursome nut range. The range is aimed at younger consumers, children and families and the vibrant packaging and excitingly named flavour combinations will appeal to the target market.

Kurt Hilder Director of Savoury & Sweet explained “I am very excited about The Simpsons range of popcorn we have spent a considerable amount of time tasting and testing the flavours to get them perfect! We pride ourselves on our quality and for The Simpson’s range we wanted the flavours to represent the quirky and funny side of the characters. Alongside The Simpsons we will also be showing some new and exciting iterations and extensions to the Lord Poppington’s brand at IFE in terms of flavours and also packaging propositions, with a view to taking the brand into other trading areas. 2013 has been a very exciting year for us here at Savoury & Sweet as we have also been shortlisted for the ‘Newcomer of the year award’ at the Leicester Mercury Business Awards.”

The Simpsons popcorn range is available in five delicious and innovative flavours, three of the flavours Jam Donut Popcorn, Bolognese Popcorn and Cheesy Cheese Popcorn come in 15 gram bags. The sharing packs come in a two flavours a Cinema Sweet Popcorn that is available in a 150 gram bag and a Sweet Paprika Popcorn that is available in a 125 gram bag. The multipack of popcorn consists of 6 packs of 15gram bags in Jam Donut Popcorn, Bolognese Popcorn and Cheesy Cheese Popcorn flavours.

The Simpson’s nut range is available in three exotic flavours, Hot Tomato Nuts which consists of almonds coated in a spicy tomato flavouring, Honey BBQ Nuts which includes peanuts and cashew nuts with a honey BBQ flavouring and a Double Chilli Nuts where a mix of peanuts, almonds and cashews nuts are flavoured with chilli. All three packs come in one size which is a 45 gram bag.