Silver Cross, British for Prams

Having manufactured pushchairs and prams for children since 1877, Silver Cross is the UK’s eldest and arguably most experienced company in this field. A postman by the name of William Wilson created the first ever pram for the company having set up his own business in perambulators sports carts in Leeds.

It was in the Victorian era that the pram was first seen in public use. The very first prams were designed as a miniature version of a traditionally-sized cart, and were generally pulled along by dogs or ponies.

Alongside their obvious transportation use, prams at the time were a status symbol for the wealthy, who were able to request that manufacturers design and create prams for their children. Queen Victoria famously acquired one in this manner, and the design she chose was so popular that it influenced and inspired many models over the following half a century.

Silver Cross continued to grow and strengthen during the second half of the twentieth century, continuing to enhance the reputation of the brand by bringing out new models each year. In the 1960’s, the company expanded their range to include not just prams and pushchairs, but also highchairs and other nursery furniture.

The company admirably kept up with the pace of technology and we now see a range of designs and styles – everything from prams suitable for when you’re jogging, to twin size prams for transporting two little people – heavily influenced by the company’s work and legacy.

Jumping forward to today, Silver Cross’ work has even made its way into the toy industry. Dolls for little girls often now come with a replica pram or pushchair so that they can role play; Baby Annabell, a particularly popular toy in the UK, is just one of many examples of this.