Silence is golden in UK primary schools

Communication is a vital life skill in the 21st century, yet many young people and children forming words, talking and self expression can pose a real problem. The children’s communication charity ICAN is calling on all UK primary schools to get involved in their engaging and fun sponsored silence

Whether it is for a lesson, an hour or a full day, the Sponsored Silence is aimed at raising awareness in children as to what life is like for those who finding talking and understanding a language difficult. All the money raised will to the work ICAN are doing with the 1.2m UK children who struggle every day to communicate.

The activities in the Sponsored Silence have been designed by the specialist teachers from ICAN’s Meath school, and the lesson plans will be linked to the national curriculum. Activities will be both educational and fun for the children to use during the period of silence.

The ICAN Sponsored Silence week began on 5th March 2012 but can be done at any time or on any date that is most convenient for the school.

Virginia Beardshaw, I CAN Chief Executive, said, “We hope that every primary school in the UK who hears about this programme will sign up to get involved. Communication is so much more than talking and this is a fantastic opportunity for children to not only think about the daily struggle some young people face to make themselves understood, but also to develop important non-verbal communication skills.

In addition to raising awareness of these difficulties, every penny raised will go to I CAN’s work with children who struggle with their speech, language and communication. So a huge thank you in advance to everyone who gets involved.”

Communication is the 21st century life skill but for many children and young people, speaking, forming words and self expression is a real struggle. It can leave children feeling frustrated, misunderstood and angry. And it puts them behind at nursery, school, college which prevents them from learning, making friends, forming relationships and ultimately achieving their potential.

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