Show off your talents and win $25,000 with Samsung

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We here all the time about talented people being spotted in unusual circumstances and becoming famous, and Samsung mobile have tapped into this with a fantastic new contest known as ‘Stage’.  The emphasis is on the fact that talent is everywhere and it is a YouTube based talent contest where you get to show off your special talents.

There is a great prize of $25,000 and the chance to star in a professionally shot video to showcase your talent, whatever it may be. There are two videos to accompany the promotion one of which shows a football match between two teams made up of young girls. One scores a fantastic goal and then celebrates by doing some gymnastic style backwards tumbling across the pitch.

The moments are being captured by proud parents on their Samsung smartphone and the emphasis is on the fact that this young girl, as well as being a talented footballer, is also a skilled gymnast.

The second video is a montage of shots of talented people showing what they can do. This can be absolutely anything, from the unusual to the artistic, and features shots of a BMX biker, and young boy karate chopping a melon and a couple catching doughnuts. This video serves to show the wide variety of skills that can be classed as talents and showing the amazing things that can be done as part of everyday life.

To enter the contest simply download the app, take a video on your Samsung mobile showing the talent at its best and load it onto YouTube following the links. This is a brilliant talent contest in that it literally includes all sorts of feats, so if you have a party piece that others find impressive, get a video taken of you performing your skill and upload it. Someone has to win the £25k, and that person could be you.