Self-Esteem and Glasses in Children

Did you start wearing glasses as a child or had friends that did? You might recall that many children have negative experiences from school, related to wearing glasses. It is unfortunately not uncommon that children feel less confident because of glasses. This is because they tend to alter your appearance significantly and become a source for bullying.

If your child is prescribed glasses, there is good reason to determine whether or not they have feelings of insecurity about wearing them. The first thing to do is to let your children know they are part of a large group of visually impaired people. In fact, between ages 5 to 17, more than 9% of the population need corrective eye-wear.
Ways of handling these issues:

As a parent it is important to be part of the process of choosing glasses. This way there is good chance you can make the whole process a positive experience. Also, it might be a good idea to have some of their friends help out too.

As there are a number negative stereotypes associated with wearing glasses, make sure your child is prepared and familiar with these beforehand. That way they are less likely to associate these with themselves.

Make it apparent to your child that many influential and famous people, for example actors and athletes, wear glasses regularly.

Teach your child how to properly take care of their new glasses. By doing so you enable their sense of responsibility, making them feel somewhat more adult.

Sometimes children are just not keen on wearing glasses, regardless of being bullied or not. If so, there is always the option to get contact lenses instead. Contact lens manufacturer Vistakon recently funded a study carried out by optometry professor Jeffrey Walline at the Ohio State University. According to the study, the majority of children feel more confident wearing contact lenses than glasses. About 500 children, between the ages of 8 and 11, took part in the survey. The results were clear: children felt a wider degree of social acceptance and a boost of self-esteem whilst wearing contact lenses.