Scottish study shows youngsters are adopting a healthier lifestyle

A recent study that has been conducted in Scotland among young people has shown that they are starting to adopt a more healthy lifestyle. The research has been conducted by St Andrews University and it has is found that youngsters are using less cannabis and smoking less tobacco than they were around five years ago.

The research involved children who were aged between 11 and 15 years old and the study was conducted across nearly 40 countries. The study also looked at other behaviours that can affect health, such as consumption of fizzy drinks and sweets. The study also looked at how often children conduct healthy habits such as exercise and brushing their teeth.

A researcher from the study has commented, “The study also showed that as these children are starting to live a healthier lifestyle, their overall satisfaction with life is increasing. The study showed that compare to 5 years ago the number of young people happy with their lives has increased significantly.

The study also showed the children feel less socially isolated and have more friends.” The study did however highlight that alcohol consumption among teenagers has increased, as have the number of people having unprotected sex.