Schools can use Jaffa to bounce their way to £1,500

Jaffa is running a new competition for schools across the country and the prize fund is £1,500. Jaffa are asking schools to use space hoppers in one of their lessons and the more creativity they use in involving it the more likely they are to win. The money from the competition will be awarded to the school and they will be able to use it to buy education equipment. Two runners up from the competition will also be given £500 each.

The competition has been designed by the company in order to get kids active and keep them healthy. Mehadrin is the company that owns the Jaffa space hopper brand and the general manager of the company, Marius du Plessis has said, “The competition is our way to contribute to the health of children in schools today. We also hope that this added exercise will be combined with a healthy diet which our foods can form a part of. All of us at the company are very much looking forward to seeing what creative ideas the schools come up with.”

If a school is interested in taking part, they must first log onto and register. For the first 120 schools to sign up they will be given a prize of ten free space hoppers to get them started. Once they have come up with a creative way to use the hopper the school will have to upload a picture of them using the hopper in that way. A 300 word explanation must also be included.