Sanex Dermo Kids Bodywash and Foam Bath – Hypoallergenic and pH Balanced

Following babyhood, your child’s skin becomes plumper, giving it that beautiful, smooth appearance and purity that most of us adults envy. By now, their skin is fully active and well hydrated, and should be at its healthiest. However, according to well-known GP, Dr Sarah Jarvis : “At least one in six children gets eczema, and up to one in 12 GP visits relate to some form of skin condition. That’s over 250 GP hours or 48 days worth of surgery a year”

Children’s lifestyles have also changed with today’s kids spending over 90% of their time indoors, so the environments of their schools and homes have a dramatic impact on their health, including their skin. Seasonal changes, central heating, air conditioning and hot water can all cause discomfort, making your child’s skin more delicate and prone to itchiness. Other factors that can affect the condition of their skin include not drying properly after washing and the use of bar soap.

Here are some useful tips from Dr Sarah Jarvis’s tips to help keep your child’s skin healthy:

1. Heat, cold, too much exposure to water or a dry atmosphere (central heating dries out the air) can all make dry skin worse. So can wind – be especially careful with hands and faces, which are exposed to the elements
2. Avoid normal soaps and detergents for all children, but especially if they have dry skin. Both of these can strip the oils from your child’s skin, making it more prone to dryness and itching
3. Use a hypoallergenic soap substitute approved for children to wash their skin
4. Get into the habit of applying unscented or hypoallergenic moisturisers regularly. If you start early, your child may rather like having moisturiser massaged in
5. Your child’s skin is very vulnerable to the sun, and getting burnt hugely increases his risk of skin cancer in later life. It also dries the skin out. Always use a high factor (at least factor 30) sunscreen, and reapply it often, especially after swimming

The bods at Sanex have now created a new product based on their understanding of your child’s skin and how it works. It’s called Dermo Kids Bodywash and Foam Bath – a pediatrician approved, hypoallergenic and pH balanced formulation that actively works with your child’s developing skin to gently cleanse and help keep it healthy and nurtured.

Sanex Dermo Kids Bodywash and Foam Bath joins a comprehensive family of skin friendly bath and shower products for adults – all designed to actively work with your skin to help keep it healthy and naturally protected.

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