Safe4Kidz – Keeping Children Safe on the Internet

So Protect Me Limited ( has annoucned Safe4Kidz, an innovative, easy to use, software product, specifically targeted at keeping children safe while they use their PCs and access the Internet. The child-friendly software program provides children with all the benefits of the Internet without leaving them vulnerable to the risks of the digital world and provides peace of mind for their parents.

Hot on the heels of Gordon Brown’s 2012 broadband pledge, to give £300m to aid low income households in the UK to connect to the Internet at home, the initiative is a timely reminder for families to embrace online security and safety measures.

Raj Curwen, CEO of So Protect Me comments, “With more kids going online than ever before, the initiative provides practical online safety advice to young people and their parents. That’s a message we’re keen to support. With Safe4Kidz, our goal has been to produce a child-friendly approach to Internet safety which gives maximum protection, minimum disruption to normal PC use and near-zero effort to deploy and maintain”.

While surfing, Safe4Kidz provides access to great web content for study and leisure. Aimed at pre-teens, Safe4Kidz approved sites are perfect for Key Stage 1 (ages 4-7) and Key Stage 2 (aged 7-11) children. Family requests are encouraged and newly approved sites are included in online product updates. For ease of use, sites are categorised into topics such as English, Maths, Science, as well as leisure topics including Television, Film and Games.

Raj Curwen continued, “Safe4Kidz also blocks offensive words and terms in search results so you can let your children use Google and Wikipedia for example, without the fear of them stumbling across inappropriate pages. And with features such as time-based web and PC access, game and program controls, social network age-rated protection, credit card and shopping channel protections, etc, Safe4Kidz is an ideal safety choice for parents of pre-teens.”