Reflective Parenting helping you understand your child’s mind

Reflective Parenting provides practical advice and strategies on how parents can bring meaningful change to their child’s behaviour and emotional well-being, and support their development, by adopting a more reflective style of parenting.

Written by leading clinical psychologists Alistair Cooper and Sheila Redfern, Reflective Parenting is filled with practical advice to help parents form a better relationship with their child, starting from the development of their baby’s first relationship with them as parents, to how they can be more reflective in relationships with toddlers, children and young people. By focusing on what’s going on inside their child’s mind, a better connection is established between parent and child leading to better outcomes in behaviour, emotional functioning and cognitive development.

Stephen Scott CBE, Director of the National Academy for Parenting Research writes that “ this exciting book is a welcome addition to other approaches to parenting… [and] it can easily be combined with other approaches to parenting such as sensitive responding to the child’s needs, spending positive times together, and calmly setting limits when necessary .”

Rather than focussing on strict behavioural management strategies as found in other approaches, Reflective Parenting explores recent developments in mentalization, attachment and neuroscience, illustrating how our understanding of the parent-child relationship has transformed. It instead highlights to parents the importance of being aware and understanding of their child’s thoughts, feelings and motives.

“If you want your kids to mentally flourish and be able to have a great life in a world that’s gone insane” writes celebrity Ruby Wax, “ then this book will tell you everything you need to know. It’s the ultimate guide on how to be the parents you wished you had.”

Peter Fonagy, psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist and head of the department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology at University College London and Chief Executive of the Anna Freud Centre writes in the Foreword, ” While this book is aimed at parents, it is just as important for professionals working with parents to read. The authors offer sound advice throughout, and do so in an entertaining and perhaps even gripping style. There is a ‘page-turner’ quality to the book, which comes from the application of a key principle of reflective parenting: they arouse curiosity in the reader. You read and you want to find out what happens next. The curiosity is hopefully infectious – in the sense that curiosity about what is going on in a child’s mind is what reflective parenting is all about. ”

Reflective Parenting shows how reflective parenting can help parents understand their child and help them achieve their full potential in their development; cognitively, emotionally and behaviourally and is a must read.