Quorn Sausage Stew Recipe

Quorn sausage is a great cooking ingredient for those who want a low fat alternative to the meat products found on the market.  The top advantage of using Quorn is that you get a great tasting meal that can be made in most cases in less than twenty minutes that is high in protein, low in fat, cholesterol, and calories and simple enough for even a novice in the kitchen to master.

The Quorn Sausage stew featured in this video clip is a great example of all of these factors as it takes literally under twenty minutes to make and is a completely healthy meal choice for the entire family.

The best advantage of making the Quorn sausage stew or any Quorn sausage dish is that the meatless product is frozen and simply requires thawing.  Unlike meat, you do not have to thoroughly cook the sausage or spend an hour or so waiting for it to thaw so that you can cook it properly to reduce the risk of salmonella.

Instead, the pre-cooked and healthy meatless alternative simply needs warmed so you can toss it into any dish that you would traditionally use sausage with and watch it heat up quickly alone with the dish that you are planning to serve.

In this video you get a basic idea of how to make a healthy Quorn sausage stew backed with onions, peppers, and corn among other ingredients that is high in Quorn’s trademark microprotein product and low in everything else.  For a quick meal at the end of the day that is much healthier than any takeout watch this three minute clip and enjoy the savoring results that will make you glad you did not settle for any takeout for your family.