Prevention-Smart Parents e-learning course

Prevention-Smart Parents is an e-learning course that is free and emphasizes how important the family environment and parental influence is in helping to prevent drug abuse. The website launched on the UN World Drug Day June 26th, 2009.

Parenting is a job that is 24 hours a day 365 days a year from the day your child is born and parents are the greatest influencers in their children’s lives, both good and bad. Prevention Smart Parents is the first global resource that is free and helps parents with an online e-learning program.

It was individually commissioned by Mentor from a number of countries in order that the course online applies to many communities and cultures, after being created by scientists. The content has easy to use chapters providing the most comprehensive information on drug abuse prevention for families that have children of all ages.

The chapters are designed to engage the reader and provide resources on a practical level to parents and caregivers to have access to use at home. Jeff Lee, Executive Director says that there are many challenges to creating a website and one was to be able to present the content that could reflect many communities and cultures.

There are many drug prevention services on the net that are country-specific but our idea was to have one that could relate to a mother in Colombia and a father in Uganda. Prevention-Smart Parents is built around the premise that the most significant tools in the prevention of drug abuse are strong families and good strong parenting.