Preparing for Baby’s Arrival: What you Need For the First Months

When preparing for the arrival of a new baby it’s easy to feel like you can never quite gather enough equipment and things. Baby and parenting websites are constantly listing new and interesting pieces of technology and furniture, which can make the gadget-friendly among us swoon.

In truth, however, there are only certain items that you really need when baby is born. Here is our list of things you really should prioritise. We’ll also tell you about a few baby goods you can bypass.

Items you will use

For feeding

If you plan to breast feed, a nursing pillow and nursing ointment. A pillow to support baby makes the whole process much more comfortable, as does a soothing balm.
Breast pump. Being able to express milk will allow you to eventually spend a few hours away from baby and can also help with your milk supply if your lactation specialist recommends it.
Bottles, bottle brushes and steriliser.

For Sleeping

In the beginning your new-born may spend just as much time being fed, held and rocked as he does lying on his own. You will need a place to lay him down during those precious few moments, but it can be a travel cot instead of a true cot, or even your own bed. As he begins to spend more time sleeping on his own you can upgrade to a cot.
Plenty of blankets. Swaddling is key during the first few months, and it can be amazing just how many blankets you go through in a day. They are easily soiled! You also need blankets for piling on when going for walks or tucking baby into his car seat. We recommend blankets with a bit of stretch, so they can wrapped well.

For Driving and Walking

It goes without saying that you will need an infant car seat/baby carrier. Add a soft pillow accessory to keep baby’s head in place.
Baby will need a pram or pushchair- if you can find a car seat that easily snaps into the pushchair you may find it much more convenient.
For walking, a baby carrier or wrap is priceless. It allows you to keep up on your kangaroo care, leaves your hands relatively free and doesn’t have to be loaded into the boot of the car like a pushchair.

Baby Clothes

There are many opinions when it comes to baby clothes, but in truth clothing for a new-born can be quite simple. They wear vests, socks, a nappy, baby-grow and hat for the first few months. If you are going out in the cold you can add a thick jumper and blanket; chances are you won’t have baby outside for too long.
Jeans and shirts with buttons will be uncomfortable- think soft, flexible clothing, more socks than you ever imagines you would need, and many vests and baby-grows and you should be set.

For You

If nursing, mum will need tops with easy access and comfortable nursing bras. Both mum and dad will need plenty of burp cloths, and perhaps a few tops they are not too precious about – babies can be a bit messy!

Do you have any tips for new parents on what to buy and what they can do without?