Post natal weight reduction

After nine glorious months of carrying a baby and being blessed with the birth of a beautiful child, when you glimpse into the mirror all you see is weight in all the places it shouldn’t be. At the front of all new mums’ minds is post natal weight reduction. This is particular is an obsession with the celeb mums, since they want the flab gone in days as if they were in a competition.

When handling any post pregnancy issue do not use celebrity standards, you must realise they have an entire team that is dedicated only to her regaining her pre-pregnancy body weight. Unless you are like her and have that liberty, then you need to have patience with your body and listen to what it tells you.

Enjoy time with your baby and your new motherhood. Play with the baby, understand its actions, sing songs to the baby and get accustomed to him or her. For the first two weeks do not let the weight issue even enter your train of thought. First get real acquainted with your new package.

Just being busy and doing everything taking care of the baby is going to lose you close to half the weight you gained. Do not rush it, the body needs to stabilise itself, remember you gave birth to another human being.

Some stars such as Christina Aguilera and Heidi Klum have said how breast feeding helped to take off weight. This becomes a natural way to lose the weight and over 500 calories can be burned a day just breastfeeding.

Set different goals that are achievable and believable for your weight loss with a clear time setup to meet those goals. Do not be unrealistic or you will be disappointed when you do not reach your goals. Maintain a diary to keep a record of the weight loss.

Stay in touch with any new mothers you know or met at the hospital or in Lemans class or even just at the pediatrician’s office. They will help you to keep motivated and push you to your goals.