Pizza – The Ultimate Takeaway Meal

Everybody has their favourite takeaway, that indulgent treat that you eat at home with a glass of wine and makes you feel great. Some like Chinese food, others Indian, but far and away the most popular takeaway meal is the Pizza. It’s not surprising really, imagine sinking your teeth into a slice of delicious pepperoni or meat feast pizza, the cheese melting in your mouth and experiencing a true taste sensation.

Dozens of pizzerias have popped up in towns right across the UK, and we have all heard of the biggest chains where you can go in and eat your pizza, collect it or have it delivered. One of the biggest, and most popular is Domino’s. These are everywhere now, and it is a testament to the quality of their foods that their growth has been so rapid. Another service they offer is that you can order your pizza online to be delivered to your home.

You can even pay for it with your credit or debit card, saving you having to scrabble around for the cash when the delivery guy knocks on your door. So what is it about pizza that makes it the ultimate takeaway meal? Well for a start there doesn’t seem to be anybody who doesn’t like pizza. If they don’t like a deep base they can have a thin one, and vice versa, if they can’t eat dairy, miss off the cheese.

There is also the sheer variety and versatility of pizzas that make them so special. Apart from all the delicious favourites such as Marguerita, Bolognese and Meat feast, you can build your own pizza. You start with a base and then just order which toppings you want, this is perfect for those with a slightly off the wall palette who taste things differently and like to mix flavours that you would never normally have on the same plate.

You can do this over the phone or on the Domino’s website, which also means you can take your time and make a true gastronomic creation. Team up your pizza with a couple of side orders or maybe a garlic bread and you have a feast fit for a king, or a perfect night in with your partner. Sure you can go out to a restaurant for a pizza, but for some reason they never taste as good as when they are delivered hot to you door in their box.