Personal ‘holiday nannies’ relieve the pressure of childcare on holiday

holidays that include extended family such as grandparents have greatly increased in popularity, as it is a way of getting your children looked after without having to spend money on expensive kids clubs and, often disappointing, creche facilities. RIAS insurers have done a study which has shown that 3.75m grandparents now regularly go on holiday with their family to provide assistance with childcare.

An alternative to this is to take a personal holiday nanny along with you. Today’s families are no longer just taking a jaunt to somewhere hot that has great views, they are using them as an essential breathing space from their everyday lives, and the constant stress of having to juggle their work and family lives.

“My Travelling Nanny” – a specialist agency providing Temporary and Holiday nannies – has noticed a marked increase in enquiries and bookings in 2012.

This popular and innovative agency has identified a niche market.  It recognizes the need for a realistically priced service that is accessible to families who have to keep their eye on their spending.

In addition to Qualified and Experienced Holiday Nannies, they provide Holiday Mother’s Helps – an extra pair of hands and eyes for round the pool, and evening babysitting – an affordable option for families with a limited budget, as well as for families holidaying together who can opt to nanny-share.

My Travelling Nanny – run by mother and daughter team Linda and Michaela – has had success in business competitions as well as glowing testimonials and repeat bookings. They pride themselves in their personal service, reliability and efficiency.