Peppa Pig is Parent’s Favourite Children’s TV Show

Peppa Pig Voted Parent’s Favourite Children’s TV Show
According to a survey of more than 1,300 people with at least one child aged five or under, Peppa Pig is the favourite show amongst UK parents, closely followed by CBeebies’ Charlie and Lola, and Humf.

Despite the fact that Spongebob Squarepants is seemingly aimed at an older demographic than the other shows featured in the top ten, it placed fourth in the list of parents’ favourite children’s TV show.

The survey of 1,318 parents was commissioned by secret sales website after noticing an increase in the number of sales for discounted toys and home and fashion products featuring children’s cartoon characters.

Respondents were presented with a list of dozens of children’s TV shows and asked to select the programmes they liked. The top ten favourite children’s shows for parents of children under five years old were as follows, based on the results of the survey:


1.    Peppa Pig – 64% (of parents said they liked the show)

2.    Charlie and Lola – 61%

3.    Humf – 57%

4.    Spongebob Squarepants – 55%

5.    Something Special – 51%

6.    Little Einsteins – 45%

7.    Waybuloo – 41%

8.    In the Night Garden – 36%

9.    Dora the Explorer – 33%

10.  Lazy Town – 30%

CBeebies is the most popular children’s channel amongst parents of children aged 5 or under, followed by Nick Jr, according to the survey. Here are the five favourite TV channels, as voted for by parents:

1.    CBeebies – 72% (of parents say they watch this channel with their children)

2.    Nick Jr. – 64%

3.    CBBC – 52%

4.    Disney Junior – 32%

5.    Cartoon Network – 28%

When asked “what is your least favourite children’s TV show?” Barney the Dinosaur was overwhelmingly voted the least favourite, with more than two thirds, 68%, stating that they disliked the programme. Rastamouse and Teletubbies were the second and third most disliked shows with 47% and 41% of parents stating they weren’t fans, respectively.

Mark Pearson, founder of had the following to say,  “As a parent, you can spend an awful lot of your time watching your children’s favourite shows, so it only seemed right to get an idea as to which shows parents most enjoy! I find myself happy to watch certain programmes, whilst others just annoy me.”
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