Pearchild Device Alerts For Lost Children

Every three minutes in UK a child is reported missing. For both parent & child, it’s heart stopping and every moment feels like ten.

A recent ITN study “Walk on by Britain” showed that in just one hour, 616 people walked past 2 lost children. Only one grandmother stopped to help. The reality is that we are often hindered by a fear of helping, concerned by potential backlash.

Pearchild is a small device worn by children, which has been created to alert those passers by that the child is lost. It reassuringly invites the finder to call our number and on doing so, we connect them immediately to the parents mobile phone. They can be reunited in moments.

No personal information is at risk, Pearchild does not contain any data. It does not track the child, as tracking is unreliable, drains battery and relies on Bluetooth.

Julian McGinnity, Founder says Incredibly the Average UK House is £251,000, the average UK New Car £29,100, ‘Average’ UK Child… Priceless. Yet which one does not have an alarm or protection?

It is a simple and affordable product, which will last up to 7 days on one charge.

Launching in UK only now, GBP 69.95 RRP, launch price via website GBP 49.95 with a monthly subscription of just GBP 2.95 for one, GBP 4.95 for 2.

For the children to engage with the product, it is designed to look like Mummy & Daddy’s phone. We have also developed ‘Captain Pear & Friends’ including Strawberry Sid, Ollie Orange, Britney Berry et al. Each product comes with a storybook of Captain Pear To The Rescue, which tells of how little boy Oscar gets lost in the shopping centre, Mummy calls Captain Pear who flies in his spaceship to find him. All children can identify fruits before they can read or write.

Developed over 2 years in GB.

Please see video & product at Pearchild website
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