Parents share financial education tips Moneysupermarket Superkid Savers

MoneySupermarket is the leading comparison site in the UK, and they have recently been seeking advice from bloggers on parenting about how to educate children about savings and financial responsibility. This is part of a new campaign which the company has launched, which is entitled SuperKid Savers.

As part of the campaign parents are going to be able to download an educational pack which is exclusive to the website and is going to contain information about how to instill good financial values in your children. This booklet is going to contain advice from experts in finance and parenting, which should really help your children develop into financially responsible adults.

SuperKid Savers comes at a time when family finances are being squeezed more than ever. Recent research by MoneySupermarket found that a third of adults believe a £50 rise in their monthly outgoings would push them to financial breaking point and that 53 per cent of consumers are worried about how they will fund Christmas this year.

It is hoped that SuperKid Savers will go some way in ensuring that children are able to budget accordingly and make sensible financial decisions, no matter what the financial climate.

Clare Francis, head of content at MoneySupermarket said: “Today’s children are growing up at a time when many families are really struggling financially because of the rising cost of living. Youngsters in particular will face some difficult financial decisions as they grow up, so getting a basic grasp of money and how to manage it from an early age will stand them in good stead when they’re older.

“Although more schools do now have lessons about finances, it is often at home where most of the learning about the importance of money is done. This is why we’d love to hear the tips and advice from parents who are educating their own children about things like saving and budgeting.”

Bloggers who share their tips on educating children about money can enter a competition to win £1,000 in a children’s savings account of their choice, from those listed here: The winner will be selected at a fun, family event in which their child’s financial understanding is put to the test. The competition will run for 4 weeks, closing on Friday 16th November 2012.

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