Parents not confident enough to help their kids with their maths homework

A new survey reveals that about a third of parents in the UK are not comfortable enough with their own maths skills to help their primary age children complete maths homework. Only one out of every twenty parents feels comfortable tackling maths that is aimed at children between the ages of eight and 12. According to the parents, new teaching techniques have made it hard to help children with times tables, sums, and other types of maths.

The study consisted of interviews with over two thousand parents from across the UK who have children in primary school. As part of the interview, the parents were asked to complete a maths quiz that was made up of ten questions. The results proved that maths is one of the hardest subjects for parents to aid their children with. The only tougher subject area was French.

Only 5% of the parents in the survey were able to answer all of the Year 4-7 questions accurately whereas only 9% were able to get nine out of ten correct and 15% were able to get eight out of ten right. About 25% of the parents got four or less answers correct. The results also revealed that 65% of parents are concerned about the fact that if they tried to help their child with homework they would just end up confusing them more.

In a survey conducted last year in America, it was found that parental involvement plays a large role in how well a child does in school. The good news is that it is the simple act of helping that fosters confidence in a young child. Therefore, parents just need to be supportive and attempt to muddle through with their children whether they are comfortable with their own maths skills or not.