Parents New Year’s resolutions

Many parents often make New Year’s resolutions but most find a pretty quickly they are unsuccessful in the end this makes them feel that they failed. Many of these New Year’s resolutions usually revolve around their children, and common ones are promising to spend more time with them and to stop shouting at them when they make mistakes.

Parents who make these resolutions but can’t keep up with them shouldn’t feel like failures. The very fact that they want to make such commitments to their children is a sign that they are dedicated to them and are good parents. Everyone makes mistakes when dealing with their children and no one is perfect but there are many skills and techniques that parents can practice to improve their parenting. Every child is an individual so you will need to practice and learn which parenting techniques work best for your children.

One piece of advice that most parents would do well to heed is to encourage a quiet time where children can just think. Turning off music, computers, and the television is a good way for children to rely on their imagination for entertainment and this will be very beneficial to their creativity. Studies have shown that parents who let their children watch a lot of television are harming their creativity and their attention spans in schools drop.

A common parenting mistake is that parents do not always listen to what the children have to say. Everyone deserves to be heard and you know how frustrating it is when people shut you up. It would also be a good idea to use more positive language with your kids, instead of telling them not to do things, praise them when they do it right. Being polite with your children is also very important as it instills in them good manners. Implementing a rule that there should be no shouting in the house is a good idea; just remember you have to obey it as well.

A great New Year’s resolution that is not hard to stick to is encouraging the family to get together one night a week were they will spend time playing games and telling stories. The computer and television often make it too easy for families to not spend time together and it can be a good idea to have an evening where the technology is put away and families can really bond.

The best advice that could be given to any parents who is dedicated to improving their parenting is to stop trying to be perfect. No one has the perfect family and no one can be the perfect parent, so don’t try to be it will only set you up for disappointment. Instead, do the little things to improve your family life such as spending more time with them and less time in front of the television or computer. Also remember that it is important to spend time with your partner to keep your romantic relationship alive.