Parents get help to rid children of bad habits

A new bag with an innovative design has been created by the same company that supplies EE and the NHS with tamper evident solutions.

This is set to assist parents right across the UK to curb their children’s bad habits, whether it be a gaming addiction that keeps them up late so they fall asleep at school or just something to use to consfiscate treasured items to control their bad behaviour.

Something that all parents can relate to at one time or another is having to deal with unruly children, and the leading supplier of solutions that make tampering evident have come up with an ingenious way of helping to curb youngsters addictive habits. Aimed specifically at those parents with children who spend way too much of their time on gaming devices or gadgets, the possibilities of how you would use this bag are endless.

Although normally a trade facing company, today announced the launch of its first consumer facing product, the Banish Bag. After recognising a gap in the market for a product that effectively helps parents to curb their children’s bad addictive habits and encourage good behaviour, the launch of the Banish Bag aims to offer a viable way of doing so.

The Banish Bag essentially does what it says on the tin- allows parents to ‘banish’ items causing problems with their children, whether they be gadgets, games or anything else, and lock them away. The zip of the Banish Bag closes into a specially designed locking house, which has an opening that enables parents to fix a security seal in place; effectively locking the bag until the seal is broken. A broken seal is damning evidence that a child has been into the Banish Bag to retrieve their item; discouraging youngsters from doing this to prevent getting into even more trouble with mum or dad.

The Banish Bags come in two sizes and a range of colours, with messages adorned on the front such as ‘Don’t even think about it’, ‘Put me down’ and ‘Step away from the gadget’ Parents also have the option of personalising their Banish Bag with their child’s name.

Parents can use Banish Bags in a variety of circumstances, such as to control the time their children spend on certain gadgets and gaming devices. If they can’t be around 100% of the time to keep an eye on such activities, the Banish Bag keeps the gadgets in question out of sight and creates an extra barrier for the children; discouraging them from accessing their items, because if they break the seal it will becoming immediately apparent upon inspection by the parents and will also be a sign of broken trust.

Banish Bags can also be used by parents looking to confiscate items from their children as punishment for bad behaviour, again enabling mums and dads everywhere to test whether or not their child can keep away from the confiscated item. If they can’t, further punishments can be given out by the parents, meaning it’s in the child’s best interest not to break the seal once something is placed inside a Banish Bag.

Leon Edwards, Group Managing Director at Versapak and creator of Banish Bags, said the following:

“Being a parent can be tough at times, particularly when you’re trying to control the amount of time a child spends doing something they really enjoy. Children won’t have a problem staying up until hours passed their bedtime secretly playing on games consoles, but Banish Bags offer a way to control this usage. Of course, they can break the seal to retrieve their item, but parents will instantly become aware of this when looking at the bag.

“Gone are the days of parents confiscating items from their children and hiding them, only for youngsters to be taking the item and replacing it at their own will unbeknownst to their mum or dad. With Banish, we wanted to hand the reins back to parents, so they were in control of their children’s bad addictive habits or so that they had something a little more than just their best shouting voice to curb bad behaviour!

“Confiscating something a child likes a lot is a sure fire way to make them behave, as they know as soon as they do, they’ll get their item back. Banish Bags were made for this! Plus, if a child thinks mum or dad is spending too much time on their phone or iPad, they can have a go at using the Banish Bag too, as they come with plenty of extra security seals for reuse!”

Banish Bags can be bought at and cost from £15 for a standard design and from £22 for a personalised design.