Oxfam team up with Sing Up to encourage kids to think and sing about global issues

Oxfam have joined forces with Sing Up in order to create a new and exciting KS2 resource; using singing as a tool with which to explore issues across the globe. The free pack is now available to download and focuses on the theme of small scale farming and food across the world, and uses music to explore this in a new and creative way.

The combination of Oxfam’s expertise in global citizenship, and the specialist resources of Sing Up will take pupils through the entire Learn-Think-Act process, whilst helping them to further understand food as a global issue, and also encourage new opportunities for them to perform.

The resource has been designed to meet the recommendations of The National Plan for Music Education and the government’s call for every school to have a ‘singing strategy’. It supports the practice of singing as a classroom activity, enabling teachers to integrate music into the classroom in an inclusive way and ensuring every child sings and performs regularly.

John McLaverty, from the Oxfam Youth & Schools team, says: “Oxfam is very pleased to be launching our first collaboration with Sing Up, linking together music performance and global learning in a unique and exciting new way.”

Michelle James, Sing Up Chief Executive says: “The causes Oxfam deals with engage and inspire children, so the singing resources we have developed are an ideal way of helping them to understand these global issues more deeply.”

Each song is presented with extension activities that raise awareness and support citizenship education. Included is the accompanying sheet music, a step-by-step guide to learning the song, links to the curriculum, plus links to online audio files and backing tracks on the Sing Up or Oxfam websites, freely available for Sing Up Friends and Members alike.

For more information on Sing Up, please visit: http://www.singup.org/ and for more information on Oxfam, please visit: http://www.oxfam.org.uk/