Organix Goodies Snacks

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The Organix food brand has been with us quite a while now, and was founded in 1992 by Lizzie Vann. She had a vision to create a range of foods for babies and toddlers that were made from pure and natural organic ingredients, whilst at the same time being tasty and nutritious. Apart from main meals, another aim of the Organix brand was to create healthy snacks in interesting flavours to cut down on the sugar and salt intake of youngsters.

The Organix Goodies range of snacks appeals to youngsters through their bright packaging, interesting shapes and delicious flavours. There is a new video to view online which highlights the nutritional value of Organix Goodies snacks and the colours and animation are widely appealing to youngsters.

The video is set is a play park and starts with a little girl skipping across a stream using Organix Saucy Tomato noughts and crosses as stepping stones. Another girl then comes down a slide, flies of the end and lands on one of the Organix range of squeezy juices, just as a boy takes off from the top of the slide and floats down to earth using a cheese and herb puff as a parachute.

The narrative informs us of the Organix Goodies range and how nutritious it is for youngsters. These aren’t just random cartoon characters either; they are from the Goodies gang, which consists of Alfie, Dillan, Hattie, Jo Jo, Ellie and Todd. These characters have been created to appeal to youngsters and are recognisable to them, so they will point to Organix Goodies snacks on the supermarket shelves.

The Organix Goodies range also boast a ‘no junk’ promise, so you can rest assured that when you give your toddler a Goodies snack they aren’t eating any processed sugars, added salt or any of the other synthetic additives that are put into so many other snacks.