Online guide to solar clothing from Little Terra

A new and free online guide has been produced by Little Terra with the aim of helping parents to understand the benefits that UV clothing has for their children. The guide can be downloaded now at and gives a general overview of what you should look for when it comes to choosing clothes that offer sun protection.

It also highlights why clothes that reduce both the UVA and UVB rays from the sun are so beneficial. The MD of Little Terra, Carolyn Budding, has said that more and more people are gradually becoming aware of the benefits offered by UV clothing. While most parents generously apply sun cream to their children, they are under the misconception that clothes offer similar protection.

It is a fact however that an ordinary cotton T-shirt only offers a UPF of 5, and this is a major concern as all the experts agree that most skin damage actually occurs during childhood. Little Terra have recently announced that they have chosen to stock the range of clothes from Australia called ‘Radicool 100+ UPF Skins.

Carolyn added that Australia has been a pioneer over the years in creating highly effective methods which offer sun protection, and that was what tipped the balance when they were deciding which range of clothing to stock. She said that they had studied the marketplace carefully and particularly liked the fact that this range of clothing offered a UPF rating of 100+, which is an exceptional level of protection against UVA and UVB radiation.