Online guide to child back carriers from Little Terra

Carriers that allow you to carry your child on your back are enjoying a huge resurgence of interest, as parents are realising the convenience and freedom of being able to take their child out and about in the town or the country without the nuisance of having to avoid people and other obstacles with a pushchair. It can be a challenge, however, to pick the perfect carrier as the choice available is so vast and varied.

Baby equipment manufacturer Little Terra have realised this, and have now produced a guide that is free to download, to help parents make the right choice when it comes to choosing a child carrier. The guide is available online at and is packed full of useful information such as frame construction, fitting, weight considerations and available accessories.

The managing director of Little Terra, Carolyn Budding, says that child back carriers are once again an invaluable piece of kit when you are spending time with a youngster outdoors. They enable you to easily navigate places that could be difficult if not impossible with a pushchair, such as a stile if you are having a walk in the country.

Children enjoy both the closeness and the elevated position, but should only be used from approximately 6 months old, or when your child can sit unassisted. There are other factors to take into consideration when buying a child carrier, and Little Terra hope their guide will help all parents to make the right choice.