Online gaming helps to aim a child’s development

The online games portal,, that allows its users to download games for free, is now endeavouring to help parents who are seeking to help their children learn basic literary and numeracy skills through their entertaining and fun selection of games.

There is a huge variety of free games available on the online gaming site and as well as hundreds of adult titles there is also now a carefully selected range of games specifically aimed at helping children in the development of their vital skills in a way that is both exciting and enjoyable.

From basic number and word games to those that help with memory and hand-eye co-ordination, there is a multitude of options available at that will help those parents wanting to not only hone their children’s skills but allow them to have fun in the process.

Parents rightly want to give their children the very best start in life by exposing them to the best educational tools and stimulating environments that they can. With the invention of tablet computers and handheld smartphones, children now have access to a range of apps and programs which not only entertain, but educate. Multiple studies have shown that frequently playing games designed to challenge the mind can have a dramatic result on IQ and test results in children.

One study carried out by a team at Stirling University saw the IQ of some children jump by 10 points after the course, with 9 out of every 10 students showing substantial improvement as a direct result of game play. Many children who experienced learning difficulties managed to escape the bottom 10% of test scores after just two months playing a simple memory game, and it is believed that the mental agility acquired by carrying out the tasks and playing the games is permanent.

Jabber is a just one example of the educational and exciting games offered by, designed to give children hours of entertainment whilst simultaneously upping their literacy capabilities. The fairytale setting is perfect for kids who love escaping into fantasy worlds and playing pretend; Mr Rabbit must piece together letters to form certain words which will help to tell the enchanting story of his beloved Snow Queen. The game works on letter and word recognition as well as puzzle-solving ability, and offers an exciting reward in the form of the Snow Queen story when completed.

Word Quest is another great example of a children’s game which hones similar skills. The premise is basic, and yet the game follows the structure of one which is still enjoyed by children and adults alike. Players are presented with a number of jumbled letters, and invited to create as many words as they can from these letters in an allotted amount of time. There are hundreds of levels and difficulty settings to choose from as children improve, and the game is a great way to convince children that their own development can be a fun and stimulating process.

Nikolai Veselov from said, “Our online children’s games are an incredibly popular and useful tool for parents looking to continue their child’s development outside of school hours. New titles are added frequently, so there is always an exciting new game to look out for in order to keep things fresh. We strongly believe that this combination of education and fun helps to instil a desire to learn for the future.”

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