Ohyo Collapsible Drinks Bottle

Is it possible to stay healthy and hydrated, save money and the environment all at the same time? It is with Ohyo, a collapsible drinks bottle that can be carried around in a pocket or handbag and filled up on the move, thanks to the Find-A-fountain website and phone app which help locate free water sources.

Ohyo is now available in Boots, Marks and Spencer’s and online at www.ohyo.me from £4.99. With a 500ml capacity, it features a pop-out spout so that it can be used one-handed, making it convenient for anyone enjoying activities in the warm weather. When empty, the ingenious Ohyo simply collapses down to a small, pocketable size.

Made from toxin-free plastic it provides a reusable and a potentially safer alternative to disposable plastic bottles, which have attracted criticism for their potentially harmful effects and poor environmental record.

Guy Jeremiah, creator of Ohyo points out that: “The average person in Europe buys 85 bottles of mineral water a year, at a cost of over £100. A typical local authority disposes of up to 10 million bottles a year at great cost to tax payers and, last year, we threw away 150 billion bottles, enough to stretch to the moon and back 50 times. Made of safe, reusable plastic, Ohyo is another step towards reducing this reliance. Used in combination with the Find-A-Fountain2 website and phone app, a service which promotes free water sources, everyone could save money and reduce their impact on the environment at the same time. For every new fountain uploaded, we’re giving away a free Ohyo.”

Although famously rejected by the dragons on the BBC programme Dragons’ Den, the makers of Ohyo have proved them wrong with the Ohyo’s widespread customer appeal, commercial success and international distribution.