Number of teenagers smoking Cannabis increases

A recent survey showed the number of teenagers who are smoking cannabis has increased and it is estimated that around 10 percent of teenagers are smoking at least 20 times every month. This report has been conducted by and has shown that the use of cannabis is increasing, but the abuse of prescription medication is falling.

The study has highlighted that much of this is down to poor parenting and that parents are generally taking a blind eye to their children doing soft drugs, such as cannabis or pills. Parents are generally more scared about their children getting hooked on drugs they view as dangerous such as heroin or cocaine.

The website which conducted the survey however stated that it is important that parents that their children know how even doing soft drugs can be dangerous and unhealthy. The survey also showed that the increase in methamphetamine and cocaine use that was being seen in the last few years has levelled off. However, in the last four years marijuana use has increased by eight percent.

This is something that the website say is alarming, and it is also more alarming how often the children who smoke drugs are doing it. It is estimated that around 1.5 million teenagers in the UK smoke drugs on a regular basis. One respondent to the survey who is aged 17, said that he started smoking cannabis four years ago with his friends on the weekend.

Alex wrote, “I really like the feeling that it gives me. I feel everything is great and funny and it’s really great way to brighten up my weekend.” Unfortunately, Alex took things too far and ended up blacking out at school from abusing prescription drugs and was forced to attend rehab.

Alex was sober for two years, but recently broke once again and smoked pot for the first time since leaving rehab. Despite this relapse, he says that he is hoping to lead a more sober life than he had before. This increasing use of marijuana is something that officials are very disappointed with as previous surveys showed that the number of people smoking it was declining.

Parents should realise that it is likely the children who start on soft drugs are going to move on to hard drugs. Studies have shown that children who smoke cannabis are twice as likely to try drugs such as crack cocaine.