Not Just Travel believe education shouldn’t be just in a classroom

The issue of parents taking children out of school for holidays has been rumbling on for years, now it has reached a crescendo with the ‘fine’ system being introduced. This has caused travel companies to increase their already over inflated prices during the school holidays to the extent that many families simply cannot afford it and their children are missing out on experiencing new countries and cultures.

Now Not Just Travel are aiming ti address with their new “Experience the World” travel packages which give parents and their children the chance to take an educational trip to many destinations across the globe. They very much believe that education doesn’t start and end in the classroom .

Whether heading to China to trek some remote villages and learn about the local customs or making the journey to India to discover more about spiritual new religions, parents can enjoy a break from the UK whilst supplementing their child’s education with incredible sights, sounds and experiences across the globe.

Sharon Whyte, Travel Consultant with Not Just Travel, says, “We are launching our fantastic Experience the World travel packages this month, and we’d like to encourage all parents to book one of these holidays and marvel at the educational opportunities it will give their children. Whether they book during term-time or wait until school’s out, our range of excitingexperience holidays give children the chance to see new cultures first-hand, learning new languages, meeting different kinds of people and broadening their minds to the type of diversity that is essential for young intellects.”

Not Just Travel will be offering a range of thrilling destinations as part of their Experience the World packages. The escorted holidays will feature holidays to China India and Africa, as well as many other far-flung destinations both worldwide and in Europe that are sure to get children’s brains buzzing with excitement.

The experience trips are holidays with a difference. Rather than spending two weeks on a beach or by the side of the pool, children and parents will be surrounded by new languages that they could then attempt to learn, they will be eating authentic local cuisine and experiencing the hospitality specific to the country they visit. All trips are fully escorted and guided, so parents can have peace of mind when it comes to the itinerary and the safety of their little ones. 

All parents will have their own ideas about whether they should take their children out of school to experience other countries and cultures, but one thing is for certain; children will have plenty to discuss with their classmates when they return for Show and Tell!

Of course these experience holidays are not only suitable for families. Not Just Travel works in partnership with a number of Operators offering experience holidays suitable for solo travellers, retired people in fact anyone with a zest for life and a desire to see and do something different.