NHS childbirth guide removes the word ‘dad’ from the publication

After a complaint was issued from a parent that the NHS childbirth guide excluded same-sex parents the organisation chose to remove the word ‘dad’ from its publication. The Ready Steady Baby pamphlet was created to offer advice to new parents during pregnancy and the first year of being a parent and has been offered to all parents for more than a decade.

However, the pamphlet will no longer specifically refer to fathers as the other partners in the equation after a complaint was issued to the NHS that said it did not properly take into account the dynamics of a family that may be built from a same-sex relationship. Instead, in the new version of the pamphlet the tern ‘partner’ will be used as it is non-gender specific.

Family Education Trust member Normal Wells stated that the NHS should not have made this change because they are wasting the money of tax payers to cater to the minority. He explained that even if a large effort is made to pander to the interests of same-sex couples, the fact remains that it does take biological components from a man and woman for a child to be created thus the automatic assumption would be a father.

TaxpayerScotland campaign manager, Robert Oxley, stated that it is ridiculous that the NHS would waste so much money on reprinting and reissuing the new parent guides just because they received one complaint on the matter. He added that the NHS should have larger priorities than worrying about defining the role and gender of the second parent in an equation.

However, a spokesman for the NHS health Scotland that is involved with the booklet defended the revision stating that at the time the complaint was received the text had already been through its annual review and the new edition was to be printed anyhow.