New tool released to help kids pack their school bags

If you are the parent of one of those children who is forever leaving their gym kit, reading book or lunch box at home, or takes it to school to bring it home with bits missing, then you will love the invention from Orkid Ideas that is called TomTag.

TomTag is effectively a brightly coloured daily checklist, personalised to fit in with your child’s personal timetable, and it attaches easily to a school back to show them what they have to take with them to school that day as well as what they need to bring home again.

The 6 plastic tags are very robust and there is one for every day plus one marked ‘daily’ and each of them have enough space for up to 6 plastic buttons.

You just choose the appropriate pictures from the 160+ water-resistant stickers included, stick one on each button, click them in the tags and attach to your child’s school bag using the strong loop provided. There are even some blank stickers that you can draw on in case none of the pictures cover what you are looking for.

” For many children, remembering everything they need to take to school and bring home again is a daily challenge. For many parents, it’s often faster and easier to pack their bag themselves. But this is really only a short-term fix as children need to feel a sense of control and ownership of their things to help them get organised, become more independent and make morning routines easier” says TomTag inventor, Clare Cusack. “The back-to-school season can be a challenging, stressful and emotional time for families, so this year we wanted to make sure we made it easier for parents and kids to get back into the swing of school.”

The TomTag pack costs just £9.99 and comes complete with everything you need. A must-have purchase for all kids going back to school this autumn – and we know a few mums who might get one for their husband too!

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