New ski ranges for children on the slopes with little terra

For youngsters, a holiday in a Winter Wonderland is the stuff that dreams are made of and create memories that last a lifetime. You also want your kids to be dressed in ski gear that not only looks great but will also keep them safe and warm. By kitting them out in warm and functional gear that is also funky will help them to enjoy their holiday even more and practically ensure that they catch the winter sports bug.

The online specialist for children’s outdoor clothing and accessories, Little,  have brought out a whole new range of ski gear, and their experts have come up with a new mantra for those parents who are thinking of taking their little ones onto the slopes for the first time; Be Safe, Be Seen, Be Warm.

Other essential items are Ski helmets and the laws are making them increasingly required to be worn by law. Little Terra have put together a new range by such brands as Scott and Manbi where functionality goes hand in hand with fun. The covers come in such designs as a butterfly and a little devil, which will ensure that kids want to wear the helmets.

Eye protection is a must on the slopes, no matter what the weather, and all Little Terra’s goggles and sunglasses block all potentially harmful UVA and UVB rays – and fresh designs from Loubsol, Scott and BabyBanz mean your children will look the part, whether they are toddlers or teenagers.
If you want your children to be happy on the slopes all day, and desperate to snap the skis back on in the morning, they need to be warm and comfortable.

Base layers and socks are a great start, topped off with the coolest ski pants and jackets around from big name brands such as Spyder, Columbia, O’Neill and Dare 2Be. With Little Terra’s help, you can also have the coolest but warmest kids in town after the last run down the mountain.

Snow boots are ideal for lounging around cafes at the bottom of the slopes and kicking along snow-lined streets, while super-stylish hats, gloves and mitts from Barts, Jack Wolfskin, Spyder, Scott and Dare 2Be will keep young fingers warm long into the night.

Carolyn Budding, children’s clothing buying specialist at Derbyshire-based, said: “As well as looking great, ski gear needs to keep youngsters warm and safe.

“Good quality clothing provides protection from falls and low temperatures, and eye-catching designs mean you can spot your children easily on a crowded piste.

“The ranges we are carrying this year look fabulous, but they will also help young skiers and boarders be safe, be seen and be warm.”