New site to find tutors allays parents fears of their kids sliding through the summer

Those parents determined to keep their children on track academically through the summer break will love the brand new tutoring website that has just launched. This innovative service comes courtesy of the sleek, internet based service known as Grade A Tutors.

This brand new, year round service makes it very easy for parents to track down a tutor for their children, or even themselves, within their local area. Following recent research which suggests that as many as 25% of parents in the UK call on the services of professional tutors during the summer holidays to help their kids maintain their academic level, they can now have peace of mind at the click of a mouse thanks to Grade A Tutors.

The site is designed to take the worry and leg work out of finding the right tutor. It connects private tutors and students across the country at every learning level, from primary and GCSE through to A-level and adult.

Andrew Williams, Director said, “The Grade A Tutors website has been developed over the course of the year and its launch is timely given the number of parents concerned about the academic impact of a long summer break.

We know that many are worried that their child’s classroom prowess and learning skills will slide over the summer and for those who are preparing for grammar school exams are about to start an important year at school, such as students who will begin GCSE or A-Level courses in September, this time of year is incredibly important.

“With the website, we have really focused on making it as easy as possible for students and parents to find a tutor to assist with studying. The search function has been kept deliberately simple but very targeted and based on postcode, ensuring no long travel times. The feedback system is also important and helps give parents confidence that they are choosing a qualified and experienced professional.”

The site offers a clear ratings system so those searching for a private tutor for their child can choose their preferred provider based on comments and feedback from previous clients. To ensure that the search process is as painless and quick as possible, tutors are categorised by postcode.

For tutors, Grade A Tutors offers an effective marketing solution. It allows private and personal tutors from across the country to list their services. Registration is free and can be completed online in just a few steps. Each tutor then receives their own personal profile page so potential students or their parents can find the service.

Tutors are encouraged to list their qualifications and study areas on the profile page, allowing for those who specialise in certain areas to build their credibility and expand their client base at the same time.

The tutor is also given total freedom to set their own pricing structure and fees, which means those just starting out can create attractive special offers to get their new tutoring business of the ground. Established tutors can also set rates commensurate with their experience and the subject matter at hand.

The best news for those who want to find a tutoring job in their area is that Grade A Tutors does not charge a commission on the service, so all earnings are kept by the tutor.

In addition to the marketing page, there is also a Grade A blog which tutors are encouraged t contribute too. While this allows personal tutors to demonstrate their expertise, it also acts as an invaluable resource for parents and learners – packed with tips, it is a useful study aid and can also help those looking for a tutor to make a selection.

To find a tutor or to register as a tutor, visit