New personalised books for kids idea launches in the UK

Making reading interesting for children this month gets a little personal when the UK launches Fabuloos Dreams. With an amazing approach towards literacy and gifts, the publisher is offering enchanting personalised books just for children, which will be loved by both tots and adults.

It’s three fascinating stories, which are all bound together in hard back, and can be uniquely crafted with a photo and printed to order, making this a truly exceptional gift that makes the purchaser the show’s star.

Georgina Jijena Sánchez founder of Fabuloos Dreams said, “Our personalised books turn the child into the main character and hero of his or her very own adventure. Your son, daughter, grandchild, niece or nephew becomes the pirate ship captain or the princess of the castle, bringing reading to life in a fun, new way.”

With exceptionally detailed illustrations, high quality printing and fantastic storylines, Fabuloos Dreams personalised books are created by a skilled team of professionals and artists, trained in the different stages of child development. The books are designed to spark an interest in reading and writing, helping to speed up progress at school and, with their starring role as the hero of the story, can help children to develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

As well as being exceptionally useful for reading and writing teaching and learning, the books are fun and fabulous gifts, full of wonder and adventure. Each is printed with a space at the start of the story for a dedication, making for a wonderful keepsake later in life.

There are three action-packed adventures to choose from with a version each for boys and girls, all can be personalised with a photo of the child which features on the cover of the book and throughout the interior illustrations.

The Pirate Captain or Pirate Princess tells the exciting tale of a child who travels to a magical island and searches for hidden treasure, elude hungry sea monsters, solving a monkey’s riddle and tricking a bear en-route. The child leads a crew of friends and loyal parrot, Pepe on a search for treasure, learning the value of teamwork and kindness along the way. The story taps into a child’s greatest strength – imagination!

The Red Balloon tells the story of a little boy or girl who is given a red balloon as a gift… But the mischievous present slips away! The child searches for it on the land and in the sky, and asks all the animals on the way whether they have seen it pass by. The journey sees the young adventurer fly a plane, go on safari, row a boat and visit a forest of bees and bears!

The Birthday tells the story of a king who wants to hold a unique and unrepeatable birthday party for his child. He asks three fairy godmothers for fantastic ideas for the party: sending the lucky young traveller in to space, to visit the jungle, to the bottom of the ocean and finally to blow out the candles on the birthday cake.

All of the personalised books by Fabuloos Dreams can be ordered in English, Spanish, French, Catalan and Portuguese. Photos and personalisation can be specified online.

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