New Parenting App Stikkums Making Good Behaviour Fun

Media development company The Zebra Partnership is proud to announce the launch of Stikkums, a parenting app that make good behaviour fun.

Unlike other reward chart apps, which are aimed more at parents, Stikkums has been designed from the start to be fun for kids to play with. Parents can set behaviour goals across multiple child accounts, awarding stars for successful completion.

The child can then use these stars to unlock stickers from the Stikkums collection, and create their own crazy cartoon scenes. Stickers can be resized, rotated and flipped, as well as recoloured by hand. Special photo stickers allow children to put themselves, or their friends and family, into the action. All Stikkums artwork is created by veteran British comic artist Lew Stringer, famous for his work on The Beano, The Dandy, Oink and more.

Stikkums creator Dan Whitehead is a father of two, and a 20 year veteran of children’s media, having worked on properties such as Star Wars, Looney Tunes, Rugrats and Lord of the Rings. He has sat on the jury for the Children’s BAFTAs and contributes to the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition.

“Like many parents, I tried using reward charts with my own kids but found that their appeal quickly wore off,” he says. “With Stikkums, I wanted to create an app that was first and foremost something that children would want to play with, and with stickers they would want to collect. Then it was just a question of adding all the features that I, as a father, wanted to use.”

Stikkums is free to download, and comes with a starter pack of 20 stickers and two background scenes. More themed packs are available to buy, but all purchasing is done from within a passcode protected parent dashboard. From here, parents can also track their children’s performance over time, as well as edit and customise every aspect of the app, from goal text to sticker values.

Stikkums is available as a free download for iOS devices now. Click here or search the App Store for “Stikkums”.